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Advanced and versatile protection of computer, telecommunications and multimedia equipment:

We live in a society of digital information and technology, in the age of connectivity. In our homes, offices and small businesses, we have numerous computer and multimedia devices connected to the power supply which we also use to store large amounts of important personal and professional files and documents that are not in duplicate hard-copy form, which would be necessary in many cases.

These files and documents, as well as the technologies and systems associated with them, have high strategic value, but they also have one thing in common: they are all dependent on a stable and good-quality power supply to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of their benefits. To make this possible, Salicru offers optimum solutions to ensure their integrity and maximum protection at all times.

Storms, lightning, excess demand... there are many different causes of electrical disturbances that can affect computer and electronic equipment in the office and home environments.


Numerous studies point to these faults in the power supply as the main problem that can affect a computer system and make it vulnerable. In fact, the main cause of data loss in digital environments is not viruses, but disturbances in the power supply, which account for almost half of all cases.

The economic impact of such loss on offices and shops can be considerable and can have serious repercussions for customers, suppliers and employees. It is calculated that out of every 100 disturbances, 40 cause data losses or incidents in connected loads.


Nor should we forget that these disturbances can also threaten the very integrity of computer, multimedia and telecommunications equipment by reducing their service life and, in severe cases, result in the need for replacement with the associated increase in costs.

Main electrical disturbances

In home, office and small business environments, the most common and harmful electrical disturbances for computer and electronic equipment connected to the power supply are usually the following:

Dropouts & blackouts
Dropouts & blackouts
Sags & undervoltages
Sags & undervoltages
Surges & overvoltages
Surges & overvoltages
Noise waveform distortions
Noise waveform distortions


Salicru’s mission is to ensure optimum energy availability and advanced and versatile protection of computer and multimedia equipment in the home and office environments. 


For advanced and versatile protection of computer, telephony and multimedia equipment in offices, businesses and homes, Salicru offers a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and active electrical protectors.


  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)


These store energy to ensure continuity of AC supply

  • Active electrical protectors


Multi-socket power strips for powering and protecting equipment in the office and home

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

Current storage systems, servers and associated network electronics use miniaturised components that are more sensitive to electrical disturbances than their predecessors from previous generations.


This means that prolonged exposure to these disturbances without adequate protection can contribute to reducing the life of electronic components and to causing some of the most common faults, without us being able to perceive them in all of their magnitude.


To prevent such situations, the best solution for protecting home and office computer and electronic equipment from problems caused by mains disturbances is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Computer network

  • PCs
  • Associated peripherals: monitors, printers, external hard drives, routers, etc.

IT systems

  • Servers
  • Telephony
  • ADSL/Fibre Optics
  • Router/switches

Active electrical protectors

Salicru’s range of solutions for the protection of electronics in offices, businesses and homes is supplemented by the latest multi-socket active electrical protectors that act against overloads, overvoltages and atmospheric discharges, with different options available:

  • Wide range of models (3, 5, 6 and 7 sockets)
  • Dual USB charger for charging electronic devices
  • Orientated sockets for easy connection
  • Overvoltage indicator
  • EMI/RFI filter for electrical noise reduction
  • Master/slave function for energy saving
  • Integrated cable winder

Salicru’s active electrical protectors offer optimum power and protection for:

  •  PCs
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Hubs/switches
  • External hard drives
  • Telephones
  • TV/LCD
  • Home cinema
  • Video consoles
  • Hi-Fi
  • Decoders
  • DTT
  • SAT
  • DVD
  • Home automation
  • Home appliances

‘PCs are subject to around 1,400 electrical problems a year’



Active electrical protectors Multi-outlet power strips for powering and protecting equipment in the office and the home View
Off-line APFC multi-socket UPS 650 VA and 850 VA Ideal multi-socket solution for office or home environments View
Line-interactive UPS 500 VA - 2200 VA with dual USB charger Optimum electrical protection for office environments and systems View
Line-interactive sine-wave UPS tower 850 VA to 3000 VA Reliable protection in tower format for computer rooms View
Line-interactive sine-wave UPS 800 VA to 3000 VA Effective protection for entry-level servers and IT equipment View
On-line double-conversion UPS 700 VA to 3000 VA Advanced on-line protection for sensitive and critical loads View