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Telemanagement to ILUEST+

Telemanagement to ILUEST+

In any municipality, the lighting control centres are located in the street and away from the technical services, something which makes maintenance enormously more difficult. The cost of lighting maintenance therefore increases significantly and obliges municipalities to have brigades or subcontractors who, even without carrying out any corrective action, make periodic rounds of the streets in order to detect problems. In the best of cases, the installations will be in an operative state and it will not be possible to obtain statistics of faults, graphs on consumption, line quality, etc.


By incorporating the SICRES network card, SALICRU offers a telemaintenance service through an Internet connection, which enables the state of the complete fleet of equipment (including cartography) to be known at all times and failures in the equipment and/or the control centres to the anticipated. Amongst the many services offered by the system, we might mention: sending of unattended alarms by SMS and/or e-mail, full monitoring of the equipment, control and programming of the different parameters such as the adjustments of the astronomic clock, transitions between states (nominal and economy), the different voltage levels, the types of lamp and a long etc, giving an overall view of the installation at all times and providing all kinds of graphs and statistics.

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Advantages & Performances

The SICRES telemaintenance system provides monitoring, analysis and technical support in real-time 24/7, thus reducing the MTTR in the event of any unexpected incident.

While the monitoring is under way, an incident and alarm log is created to enable exhaustive analysis of the equipment, which provides valuable information on the operating tendency and identifies potential future problems.

For more important incidents and/or alarms, SICRES sends e-mails and SMS to instantly report the incident and to enable suitable corrective action to be taken.

SICRES facilitates overall lighting maintenance by including cartographic maps with the exact location of the units. By clicking on any of them, we can find out their main parameters and enable their monitoring, control and programming.

SICRES aplicaciones




In order to perfectly integrate the SICRES system throughout the ILUEST+range, both in present and previous equipment, we have two versions of the card:

  • SICRES Card: For equipment with a slot to insert theSICRES card. This avoids having small devices around the unit.
  • SICRES Box: When the equipment has no slot, as in the case of the OEM Kits, the SICRES can be installed externally.

Monitoring & Control

Personalised screens for perfect equipment location, monitoring, control and programming.

SICRES Monitoring & Control

Location map of the park equipment

SICRES Location map of the park equipment

Data table


  • Chart of the different parameters

Technical specifications

SICRES specifications


SICRES specifications