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  • Salicru’s ILUCOM
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Remote management for street lighting

Salicru’s ILUCOM street lighting management system, which operates in conjunction with the company’s ILUEST+ range of lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers, enables powerful and effective, local or remote, management of any type of control cabinet from any mobile device connected to the Internet, without the need for any major infrastructure and deployment.

This system is compatible with all of Salicru’s ILUEST series. It is also valid for control and protection cabinet that do not use lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers. 

Used for controlling all street lighting control cabinets, the system makes it possible to determine the operating status of installed systems at all times (mapping included) and to interact locally and remotely by means of the numerous remote management options available.

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Designed specifically for absolute control of street lighting control cabinets, the management options it offers are numerous, most notably: control and scheduling of actions via SMS or the Web, panel status consultation, the sending of alarm emails/SMS and the monitoring of energy meters, in short, constant monitoring of the status of the entire installation via the Internet and, at the same time, the production of constant energy audits.

Ilucom Application


  • Optimisation of street lighting switching on and off.
  • Management and control of any energy saving system.
  • Energy consumption and saving statistics for all installations.
  • Display and geographic localisation of installations.
  • Use of georeferenced maps and satellite photographs.
  • System controlled at any time and in any location via the Internet.
  • Users and customisable levels of access.
  • Monitoring and configuration of operating parameters.
  • Sending of alarm emails/SMS when an action is required.
  • Daily automatic information processing.
  • Data export for analysis with other programs.
  • Use of databases and standardised tools.
  • Option to integrate with other programs and platforms.
  • Regular automatic web updates.
  • New developments available for all users.
  • Option to update ILUCOM units via the Internet.
  • Installation maintenance support.
  • Versatile street lighting scheduling.
  • Internet-synchronised clock.
  • Keypad and display for local actions.
  • Fully compatibility with Salicru’s ILUEST units.

Easy Integration

  1. Astronomical clock switch circuit.
  2. Energy saving circuit.
  3. Digital inputs for alarm control (x6).
  4. Voltage measurement inputs (x3).
  5. Programmable RS-485 port.
  6. Current measurements.
  7. Isolation levels.
Easy Integration ILUCOM - SALICRU



Map showing the location of the equipment

Graphic of the various parameters

Website to monitor and control the network of control cabinets managed by ILUCOM.

Map showing the location of the equipment


Techinical Specifications  ILUCOM - SALICRU