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EMI3, Salicru’s new voltage stabiliser for effective protection of critical loads

Thursday, 9 january 2014

Salicru has just launched its new EMI3 servomotor voltage stabilisers, which replace the previous EMI2 range. These devices are part of a very well-established range with which the company has accumulated a wealth of experience with more than 100,000 units installed worldwide and 45 years of service in all applications where full stabilisation of supply voltage is required for complicated critical loads.

Issues such as the constant variation of loads connected to the mains, interference generated by the loads themselves, possible failures in distribution lines, voltage drops due to the length of the lines and problems caused by lightning make it impossible to have an electricity supply with a stable voltage. Moreover, in the event of drops in the total consumption of a power line, voltage tends to rise, causing overconsumption in the equipment that remains connected. By using a stabiliser, overconsumption can be eliminated, thereby producing significant cost savings and ensuring that connected loads function within the voltage range for which they were designed.

Salicru’s new EMi3 stabilisers are designed to provide the necessary permanent stabilisation and prevent possible mains overvoltages and are therefore an ideal solution for protecting systems that are highly sensitive to voltage variations due to their power and highly reactive nature, such as: actions and operations in electrical substations, electric ovens, numerical controls, lifts, graphic printing equipment, production lines, medical equipment, TV repeater stations and machine tools (milling machines, trimming machines, presses, lathes, polishing machines, electrical discharge machines, etc.), among other applications.

Its operating principle is based on regulation, by means of a control circuit, of the variable autotransformer that supplies the voltage for the booster transformer in series, either in phase or in phase opposition, to achieve the rated value of the output voltage. Salicru also currently offers other stabiliser ranges such as the RE series electronic stabiliser, the NS series transformer and the ARC series continuous regulation autotransformer.

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