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Battery chargers

Battery chargers for industrial applications

The SALICRU Battery Charger Units, using the technology used in high quality power supplies for telecommunications equipment, are characterised by their architecture based on high frequency switching and offering numerous additional services as opposed to other solutions, which gives greater profitability in the industrial process.

The FAC M and FAC S series are easily adaptable to a wide range of possible applications and contribute to maintaining a clean, reliable environment. On the mechanical level, the FAC M are characterised as offering the wall solution as the most effective in industrial environments lacking in space, while the FAC S deals with the portability of the battery charge.

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The FAC M series is conceived, amongst other applications, to face the usual requirements of automatic remote control, so the battery is provided with the capacity to withstand a large amount of high current peaks.

The FAC S series, with digital switched technology, covers a market niche traditionally unattended with regard to the technology involved: applications o handling and remote control, power generation, mini-stations or process control in the industrial and electrical sectors, to mention the most representative.

Aplicattion FAC Q-M-S - SALICRU


  • Switched technology.
  • High efficiency and precision.
  • Low output voltage curl.
  • Great flexibility in powers and voltages.
  • Permanent protection against short circuits and overloading.
  • Excellent dynamic behaviour.
  • Capacity to withstand large starting peaks.
  • High power factor.Low starting current.
  • Lower weight and heating.


  1. AC input.
  2. DC output (or AC in FAC Q).
  3. Input protection (on door in FAC Q ).
  4. Batteries.
  5. Battery protection (on door in FAC Q).
  6. Ground socket.
  7. Relay interface.
  8. RS-485 interface.
  9. Drill holes for fixing to the wall.
Description  FAC Q-M-S - SALIDRU

Technical Specifications





Ground fault detector

round fault detector - SALICRU

For those installations with floating DC output which requires a constant monitoring of any accidental connection of any of the two poles to the ground.

Digital Voltmetter

Digital Voltmetter - SALICRU

An instrument for measuring the AC input or output voltages. The measruement is displayed in a digital way.

NiCd batteries

NiCd batteries - SALICRU

When it is required high reliability and lifetime, FAC P series allows charging NiCd battery for industrial use either type H / M / L.

Digital Ammetter

Digital Ammetter - SALICRU

An instrument for measuring the alternating input or output current. The reading is displayed in a digital way.

Athmosferic gas discharger

Athmosferic gas discharger - SALICRU

Transient Voltage Surge Supressor in the electrical mains produced by electrical storms or other phenomena.