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Collaboration with the Industry 4.0 university project

Monday, 28 april 2020
  • Collaboration with the Industry 4.0 university project

For the second year running, Salicru participates in the Industry 4.0 university project headed by the Mataro (Barcelona) TecnoCampus technological and business park, to offer students a perspective and basic knowledge to face the challenges of the digital transformation of our industry and advance towards intelligent factories.


Both Salicru and the other companies that collaborate in this project will explain to the students of the TecnoCampus Polytechnic School the current state of the implantation of Industry 4.0 and the fields of knowledge of most value in its implementation. In this way, students receive training based on real experiences.


At the same time, the participating companies will be able to meet students enrolled in courses on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering and Industrial Organisation.


For the TecnoCampus Polytechnic School, this project responds to the need of industrial companies for graduate engineers with technological knowledge who can help them advance in the implementation of Industry 4.0, taking advantage of the appropriate technologies, such as data analysis, IIoT, collaborative robotics, cybersecurity or new materials, among others.


The Mataro TecnoCampus is a technological and business park that includes various university faculties belonging to the Pompeu Fabra University.

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