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BM-R and SPS ATS, two innovative solutions to power Salicru,s UPSs

Dilluns, 18 march 2019
  • BM-R y SPS ATS, dos innovadores soluciones  para alimentar los SAIs de Salicru

Salicru presents two new solutions to provide greater functionality to its range of Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs). These are the BM-R series, which offers the option of continuity of supply during maintenance operations, and the SPS ATS series, which allows critical loads to be powered through an automatic transfer system.


Salicru’s BM-R series devices are maintenance bypasses that enable the Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to be completely disconnected without interrupting power supply to the loads. This is an essential option for maintenance and repair works, which, for reasons of safety, require the elimination of any voltages present in the device.


For its part, Salicru’s SPS ATS solution is an automatic switch between two single-phase AC power lines which, on the basis of two sine-wave current power lines, supplies output voltage to the loads. In addition, thanks to the parameter-setting software available, it is possible to set, among other parameters, overload levels, voltage and frequency ranges, line sensitivity, potential-free contacts, etc.


With extensive communication possibilities, the SPS ATS series is the ideal solution for powering critical loads using two Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs).


BM-R data sheet

SPS ATS data sheet

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