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20 Salicru three-phase UPS for the new air traffic control centre in Lima

Thursday, 7 july 2011

In critical environments where security depends on an optimal power supply such as land and air traffic control, the best protection is to have Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems to guarantee a secure, continuous, clean, reliable, cheap and ecological power supply.

One of Salicru’s recent projects that best illustrates this application is the commercial agreement reached with the Spanish company Indra to supply 20 three-phase UPS of between 20 and 60 kVA, which will ensure the continuity and reliability of the electrical power supply to the new air traffic centre in Lima. These are systems with two redundant parallel units with extended autonomy that will serve both the new control centre and the network of surveillance points that will cover the whole of the South American country. In addition to providing highly developed technology, in this project Salicru has included responsibility for training and an extension of the guarantee to include technical assistance, an added value with respect to other companies of the sector in the area.

The modernisation of the air traffic control systems in Peru will allow the number of flights managed by their airports to be considerably increased, and at the same time will guarantee maximum security, for the technology will give controllers a unified global view of the Peruvian sky with access to information on the position of the aircraft, their flight plan, paths and pre-set destinations, as well as the state of the weather and the land-air communication with the pilots.

Salicru’s three-phase structure UPS, the form chosen for the project, offer total protection and eliminate all of the problems in the power network (overvoltages, undervoltages, interference, cuts, micro cuts, …) that affect the most critical and sensitive systems. They provide output voltage from two different power sources: the input network through the bypass line, and directly from the inverter.

Indra is a global technology company that has a leading position in high added value solutions and services for the transport and traffic, energy and industry, public administration and health, financial service, security, defence and telecommunications sectors, and is present in over 100 companies. It is one of Salicru’s benchmark customers in Spain, where it has a large number of agreements in the network of motorway tolls, and in Latin America it has also supplied units for projects in countries such as Nicaragua and Colombia.

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