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Improvements in the UPSs of the SPS ADVANCE range

Improvements in the UPSs of the SPS ADVANCE range

Salicru has strengthened its SPS ADVANCE range of UPSs with an upgrade of its RT2 series and the incorporation of the new T and R series. These new additions complement a range that stands out for its optimum levels of efficiency for critical devices that require a reliable power supply.

CUBE3+ UPSs for the operating theatres of Vall d’HebrÓn Hospital

CUBE3+ UPSs for the operating theatres of Vall d’HebrÓn Hospital

Salicru continues to collaborate with Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona with the supply of various devices for its medical facilities. The most recent collaboration was the supply of 7 UPSs from the SLC-CUBE3+ series with power ratings of 20 kVA for various of the hospital’s operating theatres.

Salicru UPSs for Bulgaria

Salicru UPSs for Bulgaria

Salicru is present in Bulgaria thanks to a collaboration that it has had for several years with the engineering and energy solutions company Eurogroup-33. Thanks to this cooperation, 60 UPSs have recently been supplied to Raiffeisen Bank, a leading investment bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

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